Astra R-Nesting software for CNC saws

If you need a any postprocessor for CNC saw please contact us....

Astra R-Nesting software outputs cutting diagrams to CNC panel sizing machine and cutting centres:

Holzma saw (HOMAG Group) Holzma saw (HOMAG Group)

Selco (BIESSE Group)Selco beam saw (BIESSE Group): NC410, NC500, Selco XML, CPOUT

Altendorf F45 Elmo sawAltendorf F45 Elmo saw

Gabbiani beam panel saw (SCM Group)Gabbiani beam panel saw (SCM Group)

Casadei Macchine beam saw (SCM Group)Casadei Macchine beam saw (SCM Group)

SCM beam saw (SCM Group)SCM beam saw (SCM Group)

Felder beam sawFelder beam saw

Mayer panel sawMayer panel saw

HOLZ-HER beam sawHOLZ-HER beam saw

Schelling panel sawSchelling panel saw

Griggio beam sawGriggio beam saw

Giben beam sawGiben beam saw

Bottero cutting machineBottero cutting machine

Filato saws centerFilato saws center

CPOUT cutting fileCPOUT (CPO file)